[Olpc-open] G1G1 2008 updates and media, take 2

Samuel Klein sj at laptop.org
Mon Oct 6 19:42:00 EDT 2008

Dear all,

Please take a look at the newly updated Give 1, Get 1 details at
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/G1G1_2008  and correct anything that looks
out of place.  Thanks to everyone who has worked on it; please also
update links to G1G1 pages, and any pages that refer to last year's program.

Translators : the start of the page hasn't been translated, but the
program is now more reliably called "Give 1, Get 1" or G1G1
everywhere.  Please add other community media and sites you know about
to our [[community media]] page and Flickr stream, and add
translations of the three intro paragraphs.  While the initial launch
on Nov 17 will only ship to US addresses, much of the publicity will
be global, and this is an chance to solicit interest and discussion in
other countries where the campaign will expand later.

We've updated a section on how to get involved with support; please
take a look at the last few paragraphs again.

I'm planning to blog about this tonight and send an abbreviated copy
(and link to the wiki page) to all of the active OLPC lists and
related lists/blog owners, starting with those at [[OLPC:Outreach

On that point -- we need a few community members interested in PR to
help with this and less significant announcements, so that we can
spread the word about other OLPC collaborations that don't quite merit
a newswire broadcast.  Drop me a line offlist if you are interested.

Finally, please add more questions about G1G1 to the [[G1G1 FAQ]] and
[[XO Giving/International]] pages.  The better we answer hard
questions in advance, the more we can help people focus on ways to get
involved (or to discover that this isn't the program they thought and
avoid misunderstandings later!).


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