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This is great, thank you Sameer.

one addition: our flickr can be reached at http://flickr.com/olpc as well as

Just FYI.


On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 10:49 PM, Sameer Verma <sverma at sfsu.edu> wrote:

> Information Management Systems Association (IMSA) is a student
> organization on our campus (disclaimer: I'm their faculty advisor).
> IMSA decided to raise $199 through a collection of small amounts of,
> well, any amount. We figured people wouldn't want to part with $199,
> but denominations of $5 or $10 makes it a lot easier on the pocket.
> So, IMSA is running a micro-donation drive to raise this money.
> The e-mail I sent out to my colleagues and friends (some of whom are
> on these lists) is:
> =====
> I am writing to you as the faculty advisor for Information Management
> Systems Association (IMSA), a student organization on campus and their
> micro-donation drive for OLPC.
> This year, you can donate $399 towards two OLPC laptops, where you get
> one back and the other goes to some child in an under-developed
> nation. Pretty cool if you want to be seen in public with a strange
> green laptop! If you don't like the undue public attention though, you
> can simply donate $199 and one laptop will go to a child somewhere. If
> you missed the pictures of these laptops in use, see them all at
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/olpc
> IMSA has come up with a micro-donation drive, where they are
> collecting -any- amount, and when it adds up to $199, they will donate
> it to OLPC towards an OLPC laptop. So, if you're feeling generous, but
> not quite in the $199 range, visit IMSA's page at
> http://imsa.sfsu.edu/olpc and donate whatever you can. They'll take
> cash, check and even credit cards via Paypal. For check or cash, you
> can write to Chas Yen, President IMSA (cyen at sfsu.edu) or simply reply
> to me (sverma at sfsu.edu) and someone will pick it up from you.
> So maybe skip a cup of coffee or that suspect muffin at 4pm, and pass
> along the cheer towards a great cause. http://imsa.sfsu.edu/olpc
> =====
> Here's the surprise. We raised enough money for two laptops in less
> than 48 hours!
> Feel free to visit them and donate. http://imsa.sfsu.edu/olpcdonate or
> send it to your friends. Also feel free to replicate the process in
> your own circles! It may sound like chump change, but we now have two
> additional XOs that will go to some kid some place :-)
> cheers,
> Sameer
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