[Olpc-open] Why is G1G1 program ending?

Seth Woodworth seth at isforinsects.com
Mon Dec 31 00:32:54 EST 2007

>ASUS EEE right now requires binary drivers to get the wireless to work.

As does the XO in the Marvell firmware, an important point to remember.

> http://www.laptopgiving.org/en/terms-and-conditions.php
> 3. XO laptops are available only for private home and
> educational uses. No XO laptops will be supplied for
> resale.
> It sounds like you are talking about resale.  Do you
> know if OLPC will provide the XO for resale on the
> 'give many' plan?
> Josh Cogliati

I don't believe that it would be legal for OLPC to stop anyone.  If I am not
allowed to sell something that I have legally purchased to someone else,
that is extremely unethical.  In fact only DRM for Imaginary Property has
usage terms like that.

All that that point means is that there will be no tax break and wont be
specifically to persons with reseller numbers or some such.

However, I don't believe that the 'give many' would allow you to 'give' them
to yourself.

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