[Olpc-open] Why is G1G1 program ending?

Seth Woodworth seth at isforinsects.com
Fri Dec 28 13:29:24 EST 2007

I *think* that it is ending for the following reasons:

1.) Quanta can only make so many machines per month, and there is a backlog
of orders for target nations.

2.) It is a a *lot* harder to ship 10,000 laptops to 10,000 people than
10,000 to one country.  Selling laptops retail isn't the business that OLPC
really needs to be in.

3.) They need to stop G1G1 in the US and Canada so they can start to scale
up for Europe and Asia G1G1 sales.

Good question, and not an intuitive answer.  This belongs on the wiki


On Dec 28, 2007 8:00 AM, Josh Cogliati <jjcogliati-olpc at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Why is the give one get one program ending?  The
> program has brought millions of dollars of donations
> to OLPC.  As well it provides a good way to get
> hardware if you are undecided on developing for the
> machine.  Plus it provides a price ceiling on ebay
> sales.  So, why is the program ending?
> Josh Cogliati
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