[Olpc-open] "Keeping" turtle art

Wilson Farrell wilsonfarrell at gmail.com
Tue Dec 25 21:35:36 EST 2007

Finally getting to fool around with the XO...  I thought we would never 
unwrap that thing.  One little thing that doesn't seem quite right.  I 
was in turtle art and I attempted to "keep" the thing I was working on. 
  Yes, I understand that anything I do is automatically saved in the 
journal.  What I was hoping to do was save a version of what I was 
working on so I could modify it and return to a previous version. 
Anyway, when I attempt to resume the kept turtle art from my journal, 
nothing happens.  I looked in the log viewer for some help and see that 
whenever I attempt to resume the kept copy, I get:

WARNING root: No activity can open this object, application, x-tar.

So it appears that whatever I kept, is being labeled as a tar file and 
not as turtle art.  And if it really is being put in an archive, then 
what use is that, if I can't get to it.  I guess I could open up the 
command line and run tar... If I knew how to get to the file in question.

Maybe I'm missing some nuance regarding the Sugar journaling paradigm. 
Perhaps someone on the list can enlighten me.

Thanks.  I hope everyone else is having as much fun as we've had.


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