[Olpc-open] XO as a "$400 device"

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Michael Tobis wrote:
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Interesting reading ... and very similar to my decision process.

1. I ruled out the Kindle immediately. I don't believe in spending $200
-- $400 for a computer that only does one or two things, like playing
media, reading books, or talking to people. For another $100 I can get a
low-end laptop with at least 1 GB of RAM, a dual-core processor, a
decent sized hard drive and Windows Vista. There's plenty of disk space
left over, so I can dual-boot it with Linux, which is what I really want.

2. So the choice was between a "conventional" laptop, like Acer, Compaq
or HP, and a smaller one, the ASUS Eee or XO. I liked the ASUS Eee but
pretty much everybody was sold out. They may be in stock now, but they
weren't back then. So it was a conventional laptop or the XO.

3. At that point I started looking at the technology of the XO
seriously. Great screen, Linux wireless that actually works, low
electrical footprint, much lighter than the conventional laptop, fewer
moving parts, etc. But the clincher was that CSound is standard
equipment. So there I was, and here I am with an XO.

Oh yeah ... I'm also addicted to playing Implode. :)

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