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"Sounds like we need someone with a bit of Gimp skill to gloss up some nice
pictures. The User guide has some images, and the Keyboard wiki article, for
instance, has some useful bits to pull together. "

put a request on http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Art_Wanted and i'll make sure and
poke artists [seems that not everyone has put that page on their watchlist
:/]. anyway, if you need artwork [or graphics, or anything visual, really],
that's generally a good place to start.


On Dec 25, 2007 1:03 AM, Michael Burns <maburns at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Dec 24, 2007 7:01 AM, gnome <gnome at greenglim.com> wrote:
> > 1) Include a printed "map" of the keyboard, ports, and external features
> > *with the machine when it arrives*!  This might be a good idea
> > everywhere.  Kids will figure it out by playing around, that's true, but
> >
> > they may also try plugging in that old cell phone charger that's lying
> > around with perhaps not-so-good consequences.
> >
> Sounds like we need someone with a bit of Gimp skill to gloss up some nice
> pictures. The User guide has some images, and the Keyboard wiki article, for
> instance, has some useful bits to pull together.
> We should gather some pictures (flickr.com has thousands of XO images
> released under creative commons by now) and throw something together on the
> wiki. If it gets quality, we can export a pdf version of it.
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Keyboard
> >
> > Also include a *printer friendly* version on the web site.  The current
> > mouseover pages have all the info and look great, but you should see
> > what my scribbled reference printout looks like.
> Part of what we include with each laptop is the Library and Content. A
> series of documents, links and resources to using and accessing free
> material. For instance, public domain book texts (essentially, early 1900s
> or before) from Project Gutenberg might be included on a future XO.
> We could expand that,  potentially, to include the User Guide translated
> to the local language. Or just keep a copy on the School Servers much more
> expansive content Library.
> 2) Include, in bold type, in the flyer that ships with the machine, the
> > URL of the wiki basic manual.
> I would like to work to make the default homepage for Browse more
> powerful. Possibly with a link to various documents, like Support.
> >  Maybe it's there somewhere, but I, for
> > one, was way too excited to see it, and only found the wiki later,
> > almost by accident.  That's also why I didn't realize that it was
> > intended to be the main manual, rather than just one of many possible
> > attempts.
> Yup, the Manual and Getting Started pages are getting worked on by the
> hour. I imagine the look of it a month from now will be much more refined.
> More prominent advertisement of them will go a long way in getting feedback
> for further improvements.
> >  (See above about many choices being confusing ... ;-) )  (The
> > big problem with a purely web-based manual is that you have to get on
> > the web first.  So that info should *also* be included in the printed
> > materials with the machine ... including the instructions for
> > WPA-secured wireless until a newer build solves that problem.)
> Good point!
> This is why some developer utilities may be included when they otherwise
> wouldn't: connectivity.  It makes sense to have tcpdump (a  command line
> program used to inspect each network packet that is sent to the laptop)
> installed to help troubleshoot network problems, but it doesn't neccesarily
> make the same sense to include ltrace*, a library call tracker. Such a
> utility is easily installed with yum and would be taking up valuable space
> on the flash drive on the vast majority of machines.
> *chosen arbitrarily
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