[Olpc-open] Send me one of those "Teachers" who will explain every feature of the XO laptop

Michael Burns maburns at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 15:54:13 EST 2007

On Dec 23, 2007 9:25 AM, Elena Siff Erenberg <esiff at att.net> wrote:

>  I have downloaded every page of the Simplified User Guide...doesn't cut
> it for me... I really need a step by step manual on each activity...

A wiki page that describes more of the interface for the activities would be

lots of great applications but if you are not one of those all-knowing
> "teachers" you keep referring to, some of us will never figure it out.
> Please ...we are not all quick studies or teachers and need some basic
> simple steps to be able to use the XO as it is intended to be used!

The design of the laptop isn't that you should be a teacher, all-knowing in
how to use this advanced, technical system. The design of the laptop is for
children to explore, and be rewarded for their curiosity with a transparent,
clear, consistent system.

To successfully use this laptop, you have to be curious and willing to
explore the system (it won't hurt if you click a button you don't know the
purpose to. Put your mouse over parts of the system and see how they respond

Since this laptop is quite different, basic assumptions about using a
computer (From a Windows or Mac world) don't carry over. Here is a handful
of suggestions it would be useful to walk through:

* Use the Neighborhood view to find a wireless network to connect to. Launch
the Browse activity and see if you have an Internet connection by visiting a
* While online, visit a webpage and find a nice picture of something. Figure
out how to save that image to your journal.
* Move your mouse to the corner and activate the 'frame'. Open the Write
activity from the bottom row of icons. Figure out how to load the image you
saved to your journal, into the letter you are writing.

As for other activities? Start poking at them and see what happens. When you
run into a specific problem, I encourage you to email
community-support at lists.laptop.org your question. A growing team of
volunteers works diligently to answer every single email.

Michael Burns * Student
Open Source {Education} Lab
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