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thanks for taking the time to share. Another message that helps to confirm the sense I have that I need to focus on story.

I just got out of a meeting with a toy development company, with the hopes of convincing them to help develop a creative property that could ultimately result in bringing enjoyment and learning to kids around the world. Something like an open source finding nemo.

somewhat related to http://www.cftw.com/3d



It was interesting to see their reaction to my presentation. It may have been a little premature, because the story is not yet fully developed, and that makes sense. When a toy development company brings a creative property to a very big fish, there needs to be a strong story, for the people with money to risk it.

The mtg ended up being a conversation, the beginning of one. They're interested in the PhD work I'm doing with multilingual convergence, interested in possibly doing some pro-bono work. They also ended up wanting to order a g1g1 laptop, and learning more about olpc and "wikinomics".

At the same time that I dream of harnessing an existing entity that is "ready to go", with peoples' full time dedicated towards something kids with or without money could enjoy,  I stilll nourish the dream of seeing if there's a way for characters to arise from collaborative, open frameworks, where there may be a tenth ofthe time to spare, but perhaps enough people out there to bring something about.

Could there be a truly open source finding nemo? An interesting thought.

In either case, it seems that story is key.

Maybe there is room for both.

I guess I was discouraged coming out of the mtg, because I feel a sense of urgency about these things. But I picked up my little phone, read your email, and was encouraged by it, and reminded of how I am not alone, but part of a community. One whose members I very much appreciate.


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Doris Lessing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doris_Lessing), aged 88, was
awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. In her acceptance speech she
recalls her childhood in Africa and laments that children in Zimbabwe
are starving for knowledge, while those in more privileged countries
shun reading for the 'inanities' of the Internet.


I am not sure I completely agree with the whole "inanities of the
Internet" business though, especially in light of what OLPC aims to do.
Sure, the "book" will not have paper pages, but it will nevertheless be
a book. There is also a great bit of focus currently on providing books
via the XO laptop. I hope we eventually graduate to the possibility of
*writing* books via the XO. Children have great imagination and would be
a great source for short stories.

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