[Olpc-open] Whose choice? ;-)

Ed Montgomery edm at rocketmail.com
Wed Dec 5 12:12:51 EST 2007

--- Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de> wrote:

> On Dec 5, 2007, at 14:15 , Ed Montgomery wrote:
> > Squeak, eh? :-)  Now you have jumped from
> 'software'
> > to programming language.  I.e. you have jumped
> from OS
> > preference to programming language preference.
> Ed, sorry, but this just shows that you don't have a
> clue about  
> Squeak or Etoys.
> It's not just a programming language, it is a full
> graphical  
> operating system (it runs on bare hardware in fact)
> just as the early  
> Smalltalks did.

Actually, it shows that you don't have a clue.  it is
indeed a programming language used to PRODUCE a
graphical operating system (like many others).  And I
am certainly aware of Etoys, have played with it, etc.
 I still prefer Python :-).  But I am certainly in
favour of letting children explore both of these
languages (and MORE! :-) and letting them make their
own choices, rather than having some academics declare
that they have 'the answer', based on 'studies', etc.

> If you actually looked at the links provided by
> Yoshiki, you might  
> have noticed. In particular, how such a system
> encourages exploration  
> and learning.

Incidentally, I DID read them.  And I have used a wide
variety of languages over decades to encourage
exploration and learning. :-)  Squeak does not have a
monopoly. :-)
I like Sugar.  I'm so-so on Squeak.  I prefer Python.

To each his own.  Let each kid (or any user) decide
which they prefer, is my REAL preference! :-)

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