[OLPC New Zealand] Auckland Testing Summary 1 September 2012

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Fri Sep 28 22:53:24 EDT 2012

Only a few weeks late!
Auckland Testing Summary 1 September 2012
Who: Fabiana, John, Tabitha, Tom
Build 12.1.0 for xo-1.75 (build 21) and also on XO-1.5

Physics:  Still doing that odd refresh thing at the top of the screen.

Calculate When you do x-1 it shows x-1 (not as superscript - so looks 
like a subtraction). xy - it is anti-intuitive that the format is eg 
pow(2,5) - when you call the function it shows pow() so I tend to put eg 
2pow(5) - perhaps putting the comma between the brackets when the 
function is called might make it more explicit. Especially since the 
reported error provides no hint as to the expected syntax. All 
trigonometric functions seem to respond but have not checked accuracy of 
answers. The error reporting provides no information as to what is wrong 
with either the syntax or the values used thought. For example - asin(3) 
returns”error at 1: math domain error’. why not explicitly say what 
values the function is defined for? I think that adding some kind of 
link to help would be useful - eg not clear how to make a plot, other 
than trial and error.

Measure  seems ok.

Paint seems ok.

Browse can read a page in NZ herald ok.

Memorise plays all levels ok - did not try making game

Get Books - Icon does not show colour after use, works otherwise

Read, when rotated can legibly display a full page of The Metamorphosis 
by Kafka from
Feedbooks, but page down moves slightly less than one page, meaning the 
inter-page gap moves across the screen as you page down. Should there be 
a fit page mode so you can read page by page.

Browse seems to be blocking popups. This makes replying to email in 
zimbra difficult. Open link in new window also doesn’t work

Wikipedia works.

Tam Tam Mini works

Record high qual issue

Memorize works

Ivy XO-1.5
The following activities start and pass basic play test
Typing turtle
Tamtam mini

Shutdown from centre of ring doesn’t work

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