[OLPC New Zealand] Volunteering Expo - Massey University, Albany Campus Auckland - 9th May 2012

Fleetwood, Trish P.C.Fleetwood at massey.ac.nz
Sun Mar 11 17:50:02 EDT 2012

Hi there

I am currently organising a Volunteer Expo at Massey University's Albany Campus in Auckland.  It would be great if a representative from one laptop per child could be present?  Can you please provide the name and contact details of an Auckland representative so I can provide further information?

Much appreciated


Trish Fleetwood
Careers Adviser, Student Life Services
Massey University Albany Campus
Private Bag 102-904
North Shore Mail Centre
New Zealand
T +64 9 4140800 extension 9441
F +64 9 4140810
mailto:p.c.fleetwood at massey.ac.nz

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