[OLPC New Zealand] 11.2.0 software release testing

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Wed Jun 1 10:39:07 EDT 2011


OLPC has recently been developing a new software release for the XO-1
and XO-1.5 known as 11.2.0.

As we're now heading towards the final stages (we're already in
"stabilization" stages), we're looking for extended testing and
feedback to help us improve the quality. Are you guys still holding
regular testing meetings? Would you be interested in helping?

Info here:

Brief installation instructions are provided at the above link. The
current image to download and test is 11.2.0 build 21:

Testing reports (positive and negative) are very welcome on this list,
or on the "testing" mailing list, I'll do my best to be responsive to

Right now, a developer key (or otherwise "unlocked" laptop) is needed
in order to install the image, meaning that if you haven't done this
kind of process before you'll need to follow these steps (or ask for
help from someone else):

On June 20th, we'll be moving to making signed images meaning that it
can be easily installed on all laptops (avoiding hassle with developer
keys and the security system), further broadening the testing base.

The release notes are at an early stage but provide a general
indication of the kind of things we've been working on:

In general, testing is needed all over. Thanks for any help you can offer.


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