[olpc-nz] Testing summary - Auckland New Zealand, 30 January 2011

Tabitha Roder tabitha at tabitha.net.nz
Sat Jan 29 22:54:59 EST 2011

Testing summary - Auckland New Zealand, 30 January 2011

Who: Fabiana, Nevyn, Tabitha

testing new activities and/or updated activities,  we charged the XOs at
home and ran them on battery for the testing session to get power logs,
stopped when almost all flat
XO-1.0s running 439dx 88.1
XO-1.5 running 439dg 88.1

Tried Insectos - it appears to be a slideshow of creepy crawlies with sound
- Nevyn says the program had bugs in it lol
Downloaded and ran very fast on XO-1.5 but taking ages on XO-1.0 to download
and start
the icon on the activities webpage is different to the icon in the journal -
the reason we were worried about it is the icon on the activities webpage is
a spider which Fabiana points out is an arachnid
the audio quality of the text to speech is bad - it is hard to understand
the computer voice even for our spanish speaker - easier with earphones
the button at the bottom right falls off the edge of the screen (salir?)
seems  you can feed and water the bugs but found it hard to see what we were
supposed to do
there is information about the life cycle, habitat and reproduction
when salir (exit) it gives the fail to start message on both XO-1.0 and
gross videos of the insects being born ueeww - perhaps kids will like that
there is a singing bugs page where you can click on the bugs and hear what
the bugs sound like (the bug sounds are recordings) but that page has no
exit button so you have to press escape
there is also no exit button on the credits page
can see the window frame (a bit unSugar like)
Overall this activity is pretty cool
* spoke with kevix on irc - he wondered if you could take the insect
photos+sounds and use them in TamTam - we wonder if you could use them in
everything - Memorize, Write, Paint, Turtleart...

PJ lite & PJ
PJ lite is jigsaw puzzles from photos
can see the window frame thing - unSugar like
we are having cursor issues in PJ lite on the XO-1.0s - there is a bit of
delay so you end up letting go of puzzle piece and it lands somewhere else -
still have issues using USB mouse
would be cool if you could add more photos (like ones you take yourself) to
the PJ and PJ lite activity
the PJ lite game has 12 piece puzzles and the PJ game has 40 pieces and lets
you choose if the pieces are up the right way or mixed directions - that
makes for good levels for learners and more advanced

we also having some issues with some info on frames per second appearing in
front of PJ activity and Rectangles activity - right in the middle of the
took photo of the writing
restarting the activities resolved the writing on the screen issue -
happened on both XO-1 and XO-1.5

also in rectangles activity - where there are 2 potential solutions it only
accepts one of them
Fabiana likes the rectangle game - as you go up the levels you have to start
really thinking

the cursor is going crazy - still have issues using USB mouse
so hard to play
we keep getting stuck in the castle as there is often no door open
there are black doors, brown doors, and white doors, initially we think we
can only go through white doors, learned that we can go through a black door
if carrying a ladder in pack
didn't found out how to open brown doors
didn't find out the purpose of many objects
did learn to put jewels in the chest, use snorkel gear, and spells to get
out of rooms with no doors unlocked, think we discovered purpose of cape

Attached power logs

Thanks testers
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