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Hi NZ volunteer
If anyone wants to attend day 2 of the Summit, there are some sessions being
streamed. (time difference help - my XO says it is now 8.20am Friday, but
here it is Thursday 12.20pm)

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 Thank you Sameer Verma & all http://olpcSF.org on-the-ground organizers for
Making This Happen.  It's time to Rock & Roll:

* All book your car in advance to Sunday's 6PM BBQ Party 45min NW of
Downtown SF, across the Golden Gate, in Bolinas, Calif.  Check the formal
invitation in your packet upon registration Fri night / Sat morning, asking
SF's own volunteers (in person) for a limited number of free rides!

* At the registration Desk, everyone will be asked to physically decorate
our Global Community Map, with a tiny flagpole showing your origins, your
work, and Why You Care.  This is just one of many truly inspiring
Participatory Art/Film/Exchange projects, that you'll be asked to

* We expect 100+ attendees in person and perhaps 50 connecting online,
Sunday especially -- please help us direct Remote Participants here:

   http://olpcSF.org/summit#remote  (Hottest Link on the Web, thanks to
Elizabeth Krumbach)

* If you get completely stuck in coming days, ring all ~6 volunteer
organizers' cellphones:

    +1 (415) 320-OLPC    (that's -6572)

* Respectfully, ask your question on #olpc-help Live Chat first whenever
possible -- our web-chat channels are abuzz already 50hrs early:


* In a democracy, We Are Each Others' Infrastructure -- so to keep
everybody's schedule both lively and focused, we ask everyone to click
"EDIT" -- explaining and promoting Your Favorite Session below, *before you
start drinking please :-)*


Thanks for taking a stand everyone, see you soon!

IAEP -- It's An Education Project (not a laptop project!)
IAEP at lists.sugarlabs.org
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