[OLPC-NYC] FREE OLPC Repair+Training FEST - Cambridge, Mass

Azamat Abdymomunov abdimom at MIT.EDU
Sun Sep 19 01:59:40 EDT 2010

Hello all, 

Thank you Adam for organizing such wonderful event.  My family and I are looking forward to join you next time. 

For the benefit of those who could not attend the event today  I made two short videos with instruction given by Ian Daniher, Adam Holt, Richard Smith and John Watlington. 
I apologize in advance for my amateur editing skills. I left full footage at OLPC office in case you would like to reuse the video for future tutorials.  

Here is the link to videos and some photos http://abdimom.tumblr.com or 
Azamat Abdymomunov

email: 		abdimom at sloan.mit.edu
			abdimom at post.harvard.edu
cellphone: 		202 280 5008
skype: 		<abdimom>

KnowledgeMap: abdimom.mit.edu 

On 16.09.2010, at 20:17, Holt wrote:

Awesome we've a dozen+ truly wonderful RSVPs for Saturday's Clinic: coming from as far away as 7hrs down the road in Rochester NY (go http://foss.rit.edu/blog !), New Jersey, and even some exotic land called CaliFilippines, but can you guess the Furthest?? (*)

OLPC's VP of Hardware Engineering is working with me to find some really cool door prizes as a result, so no this ain't Cuba where even BIC lighters are repaired, but nor did we imagine how successful this skillbuilding/videomaking event (helping Palestinian kids & beyond) would become...welcome All Olin College students :)

And with particular apologies to those atoning as part of Yom Kippur who cannot participate this Saturday, I dearly hope all can participate online later -- empowering overlooked+marginalized kids in all countries -- with our growing library of How-To-Vids that I'd *love* for someone to step forward and begin curating, organizing the best here just like Wikipedia does?


Thanks & See Y'all Soon, Saturday Noon, working fast to earn your free lunch!

(*) sorry Philippines SuperCherry @ http://queakland.org/about/people/bio.jsp?id=60 we actually have several great volunteers from Kazakhstan arriving; wonderful folks whose names are *not* Borat, but might give you all your first taste of Kazakh Cuisine ;)

Holt wrote:
> Be there or be square, at an event that might never happen again--
> don't miss your rock star trainers who will be:
>    Ian Daniher: pioneered the OLPC Community
>    Repair Center in the spring of 2007, inspiring
>    many others around the world here:
>    http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Repair_center_locations
>    Richard Smith: invented half this stuff, anything and
>    everything XO, XO-1.5 and beyond, nevermind
>    you can't find a friendlier guy (north of Arkansas;
>    with apologies to Mary Lou Jepsen who May have
>    invented even more ;)
> Come walk through the XO-1 de-bricking process, learning critical
> repair techniques like this to protect your own XO investment and
> helping tons of others globally, if the screen ever stops working etc:
>    http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Fix_clock
>    http://olpc-france.org/blog/2010/09/date-systeme-invalide/
> We'll also produce some awesome new videos for upcoming OLPC
> deployments in the Midde East, meeting some of this region's
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/The_Learning_Team as well as surveying some
> brand new XO-1.5 repair tricks!
>    When:  12 Noon to 3PM
>                Saturday, September 18
>    Where: OLPC Headquarters
>                1 Cambridge Center, 10th Floor
>                Kendall Square / MIT Red Line Subway Stop
>                Cambridge, Massachusetts
>    Lunch:  Included *if* you help de-brick at least 2 XOs,
>                for use by dedicated OLPC volunteers worldwide:
>                http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Contributors_program
>    RSVP: ALL WELCOME, families/friends and all ages,
>                but you must reply to holt @ laptop . org
>                (including your phone number, thanks)
>    Price:   Enthusiasm -- Smile or you will NOT be admitted to OLPC!!
> Aside from our upcoming Oct 21/22 - 24 San Francisco Community Summit
> (details *imminent* at http://olpcsf.org/CommunitySummit2010 ) you
> will NOT find a more committed group of volunteer fixers, tinkerers &
> doers, anywhere on our reduced, reused and recycled planet.
> Thank you for joining in 5 days; Thanks for keeping it Real!

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