[OLPC-NYC] [support-gang] FW: Please publish and make link to Spanish version of MYOSA

Marife Mago marife.mago at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 14:27:05 EDT 2010

Forwarding this just in case there are some folks here interested to join
the fun translating Sugar activities (Spanish to English).

Plz. see details below.

On Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 5:51 PM, Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at hotmail.com> wrote:

>  Hi all,
> Once again I will send out a call for help to those of you who are
> bilingual in English and Spanish, or have a good working knowledge of
> Spanish.  Even though I try to go through a section or so every other day
> (or so), you can see this "so-so" approach still leaves much to be
> translated.  James has gone through and pasted in machine translations of
> everything in the book.  Even if you don't know much Spanish you can change
> pitón to Python and actividades to Actividades (Spanish uses fewer capitals
> than English, but these are proper nouns and we are keeping the capitals).
>  Also pitón is a literal translation and refers to a snake, not a
> programming language.  Other programming terms are retained in their English
> versions with or without capitals as they are in English because that is
> what programmers everywhere know them as!
> So... you just had your Spanish lesson for today!  Now come join in the fun
> translating James's very nice and useful FLOSS manual here:
> http://translate.flossmanuals.net/bin/view/ActivitiesGuideSugar_es/WebHome
> Caryl (Carolina)
> P.S. If you do read a little Spanish, you might enjoy looking at this
> thread from the Uruguay list.  One of the teachers there is having some
> amazing results with young programmers in his classes. It might even be
> worth running through a translater.
> http://lists.laptop.org/pipermail/olpc-uruguay/2010-September/003472.html
> > Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2010 15:52:14 -0500
> > Subject: Please publish and make link to Spanish version of MYOSA
> > From: nicestep at gmail.com
> > To: olpc-sur at lists.laptop.org; discuss at lists.flossmanuals.net
> > CC: cbigenho at hotmail.com
> >
> > Caryl Bigenho, myself, and several others have spent many hours
> > putting together a Spanish version of the FLOSS Manual "Make Your Own
> > Sugar Activities!" Caryl is fluent in Spanish. I have no Spanish but
> > did do a lot of grunt work setting things up and creating pages
> > translated using Babel Fish. Several other native speakers have also
> > made corrections to some of the earlier chapters. I have no illusions
> > that this book is ready to give to Spanish speaking teachers and
> > children as it is now, but I do think it has reached the point that it
> > could benefit from being published and linked to on the FM site. If
> > people see that there is in fact a Spanish translation maybe more of
> > them will come forward to do the corrections that I cannot make
> > myself.
> >
> > Thank you,
> >
> > James Simmons
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