[Olpc-mg] Dédouanement des laptops (laptop clearing)

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Mon Jun 29 09:33:06 EDT 2009

Hi Nia and thanks for your message.

I met Herizo Rakotozafy this morning at 10:23 MDG at his office, Porte 
603, 6ème étage, Bâtiment en face de la Grande Chancellerie, Palais 
d'Etat d'Ambohitsorohitra.  His brain is my addressing the Ministry of 
Education for all questions relevant to Olpc-mg project. The "Haute 
Autorité de la Transition" (Presidency of Republic of Madagascar) is 
just applying modern governing management  and intends to perform the 
role of facilitative supervision.
I answered that I already deposed my application for meeting with the 
Ministry of Education, just on Independance Day eve. So, I am awaiting 
to be called for a meeting at his office located in Anosy.

Dear Nia and all

1) I am a French spoken world citizen and my proficiency in 
Shakespeare's language is limited to poems study! Can you be sensitive 
to the heavenly beauty of alliteration over the verse hereafter. 
Alliteration is one poetry technics used to enhance the singing rythm 
and blues:


Would you be so kind as to check the English words used in all my 
messages? Pls kindly note the Presidency official's name I wrongly 
spelt. The right spelling is : Herizo RAKOTOZAFY and not Herizo 
Rakotondrazafy. Tks for your comprehension.

2)Your kind attention please folks! Can I ask you a favor? As a World 
Bank national expert for communication, I have been working with 
success with  Mrs Mary Norris, Director to USAID Madagascar, who 
recognized my success results! I provide the exhange of e-mails to show 
how effective is my goodself. I promise to all best friends of Olpc to 
perform like an excellent national expert for the educative aim. I am 
always ready to work for the excellent partnership between the Malagasy 
people and all peaceful countries and Governments. Just thanks to get 
to the exchange of mails between Jean and Mary:

"De: Norris, Mary E. (Almaty)
"A : PAOSITRA MALAGASY" <Paositra.util6 at simicro.mg>
"Envoyé: dimanche 22 septembre 2002 15:34
"Objet: RE: Thank you
"Hi Jean! It was so nice to hear from you! ...I hope that ...Madagascar 
and its beautiful and talented people are recovering from the trauma of 
the elections...I do hope that things are progressively getting better 
and that this will make a difference to the country's economic 
prospects...Yes, I hope we accomplish some things, and we have been 
lucky to have such dedicated partners like yourself. I trust you are 
still doing good things to advance economic and democratic 
Well, better go now. Thanks again for writing...All the best"


> -----Original message-----
> From: PAOSITRA MALAGASY [SMTP: paositra.util6 at simicro.mg]
> Sent: Tuesday, September  17, 2002 3:43 PM
> To : Norris, Mary E. (Almaty)
> Subject: Thank you
> Hi Mary!
> Jean's writing
> Best wishes. God bless you and me and all peaceful people. 
> Especially, I hope madgascar will recover serenity and will be able 
> to tackle for rapid and sustainable development.

> I thank you very much for you have done for Madagascar. malagsy 
> people is grateful for what you performed during your successful stay 
> in Antananarivo and all trips through the regions:
> I put the accent upon the following items:
> 1. You inaugurated CEDII Fianarantsoa. CEDII is an idea of ours, 
> accepted by the regional public authorities and civil responsibles 
> and funded and technically oriented by PACT.
> 2. Law and justice reforms: Myself I contributed to disseminate the 
> set of Law Codes realized the Minstry of Justice and supported by 
> 3. EPI (Espace de Promotion de l'Information) in Mahajanga called 
> Salohimbaovao is the equivalent of CEDII Fianarantsoa, propted by the 
> regional development structures and supported by PACT..."

The second reason of my contacting the Malagasy Governement is to meet 
Jos'requirement as following.

Subject: Fun with customs
From:    "Joseline Beaulieu" <holycatfish at sympatico.ca>
Date:    Mon, June 22, 2009 6:46 pm
To:      samy.boutayeb at olpc-france.org
Cc:      jkleider at sonic.net


My name is Joseline.  I had contacted you once in the spring and apologize
for not keeping in better contact with you since.  I am with the Madagascar
School Project Canada and we have an OLPC team in Madagascar right now
trying to get our 100 XO's out of customs.  You may be interested in knowing
that  very recently the new government is no longer accepting letters for
tax exemptions.  They are trying to charge us 13000000 Ariary in taxes or
about 4800 euros.   I thought I would give you a head's up before you would
send your computers over.   We are working hard to try to get the taxes
alleviated or at least reduced.  Customs has deemed the documents
accompanying the shipment as irrelevent.  My OLPC team is comprised of 4
clever American students.  I am hoping that with their ingenuity they can
make the proper contacts at the American embassy to resolve this customs
issue.   At my end here in Canada,  I have gotten our ambassador involved
and he is going to try to contact the minister of customs.   That being said
   do you have any contacts in the government that may be able to help?  If
we can't get rid of this tax,  then you and subsequent teams are going to
have to pay as well.   Forgive me for not writing this letter in French.  My
written French is laughable and today I unfortunately do not have the time
to provide you with the courtesy of at least translating the letter.



Thanks folks

Jean Joseph Aimé RANDRIAMAHENINA, Olpc-mg list Administratore,
Professor Fonder of the doctorate and  Engineer discipline Social 
Engineering for Strategic Agromanagement at the Ecole Supérieure des 
Sciences Agronomiques  ISAS /ESSA,  Expert for Management and 
Valorization of Projects, Communicator, Civil Administrator in Chief, 
Trainer for Politics ethics, Constitutional Law and Environment Impact 
Tel 261 32 02 247 44


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