[Olpc-Haiti] [sugar-devel][olpc-haiti] Offline Maps Beta 2

Nicholas Doiron ndoiron at andrew.cmu.edu
Mon Feb 8 11:57:05 EST 2010

Everyone's still snowbound here in Pittsburgh, so I made some significant
updates to the OfflineMap activity.  Right now it's being designed for
Haiti, but if there's interest the same codebase could be used by another

* Satellite Maps: Gonaives,Grand Goave,Miragoave,Anse a Galets,Etroits
* Roadmaps: PortAuPrince,Lagonav,Jacmel,Leogane,Jeremie,Sant Marc,PortDePaix
* Add to maps with markers, lines, and shapes: roadmap-level precision
* Load Google Earth KML files with >100 points, rivers, polygon areas
* Activity can be shared, markers editable by all users
* When connected to the internet, you can paste from OSM or Google Maps

Information and Screenshots:
Tutorial, links to sample KML files:

Nick Doiron

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