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Tue Feb 2 06:55:43 EST 2010

> Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2010 23:47:02 -0500 
> From: Carmina Blaise 

> Your idea of paying "professional" Kreyol translators is an interesting one 
> with many positive ramifications 
> But the problem as I see it is where do we find "professional" Kreyol 
> translators? 
> Is an imperfect Kreyol translation worse than no translation? 
> Looking forward to hearing your suggestions 
> Thanks 
> Carmina 

Hi Carmina, 

As a professional translator (from German/Spanish/English into French), 
I would suggest to search for Haitian Kréyol translators in professional 
databases like (55 matches) or (119 matches).®ion_list=na&city_list=na&cred=na&software=na&avail=na&keyword=&expertise=working&location=&sdl_trados_cert_level=na&sdlx_cert_level=na&field=&wwa=na&complete_profile=na&profile_last_updated=any&mode=view&orderby=kudoz&direction=DESC&numplat=11&numnonplat=108&nshow=25&start=11 

Kind regards, 


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