[OLPC-DE] Sugar based project did the first prize in "Berlin's future is open" Award by Senate of Berlin and TSB Technology Foundation Berlin

Christoph Derndorfer e0425826 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Do Aug 11 04:21:46 EDT 2011

Hello Raffael,

thanks a lot for the information and congrats on the prize.

Since Tomeu Vizoso posted on Google+ that a "Sugar Labs Germany" had won 
a prize many of us had been wondering who exactly that was supposed to 
be as there's no information on such an entity to be found anywhere;-)

Since you won the prize for the "best idea" what exactly are you 
planning to do?


Am 11.08.2011 08:28, schrieb Raffael Reichelt:
> The Senate of Berlin and TSB Technology Foundation Berlin offered an
> award this year for promising project ideas based on open software to be
> realized in Berlin. I applied with the idea of opening real labs as a
> place for children to learn and work with sugar. For more information on
> the award and the prize-giving as part of Desktop Summit 2011 currently
> hold in Berlin see the following links.
> Press Release
> <http://www.berlin.de/projektzukunft/presse/aktuelle-pressemitteilung/detailseite/datum/2011/08/08/gewinner-des-berliner-landeswettbewerbs-zu-open-source-stehen-fest/>
> Notice on the prize-giving
> <http://www.berlin.de/projektzukunft/wettbewerbe/berlins-zukunft-ist-offen/>
> Unfortunately both in german ... I will set up a wiki page this days
> with some more information on my project proposal.
> Raffael
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