[OLPC-DE] OLPC ist Schwerpunkt in Juni-Ausgabe von Communications of the ACM

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Mi Mai 20 20:26:52 EDT 2009


OLPC steht auf dem Titelblatt des aktuellen Heftes Nr.6 (Juni 2009) von 
"Communications of the ACM" mit dem Schwerpunktthema "One Laptop Per 
Child: Vision vs. Reality" von Kenneth L. Kraemer, Jason Dedrick und 
Prakul Sharma (Seiten 66-73):

> This month's cover story chronicles the four-year journey of the One Laptop Per Child initiative, which planned to create a $100 PC as a teaching tool for disadvantaged children worldwide. OLPC envisioned having hundreds of millions of the laptops in use by now, but only a few hundred thousand had been distributed by January 2009. What went wrong? Kenneth L. Kraemer, Jason Dedrick, and Prakul Sharma focus on the program's successes, on its failure to understand the culture of developing countries, and on the unexpected (and uncompromising) reaction of the PC industry.

Außerdem gibt es noch den Artikel "How Computer Science Serves the 
Developing World" von M. Bernardine Dias und Eric Brewer (Seiten 74-80):

> Information and communication technology for development can greatly improve quality of life for the world's neediest people.

(leider sind nur die Abstracts frei, Langtexte sind für Nicht-Mitglieder 


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