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LASKE, Lionel (C2S) LLASKE at c2s.fr
Thu Apr 24 03:45:32 EDT 2008

Hi OLPC Switzerland guys,

My name is Lionel Laské, I'm software architect in France and published some articles on CodeProject, Dr Dobb's Journal and on a French web site named DotNetGuru. Finally I'm the author of Liogo, a Logo compiler for .NET (http://liogo.sourceforge.net ).

But the reason I'm writing to this mailing list is that I'm also a big OLPC fan !
I have a Sugar VMWare from month and I own two G1G1 XO Laptop (one for me and one for my 7 years old son !).
I'm also an official translator on the OLPC project in French and I'm just starting development for my first activities.

With the help of Miguel Alvarez, an old collaborator of the OLPC Foundation at MIT and about ten other volunteers, we're going to create an "OLPC France" association.
Our objectives are:

·         Promote OLPC project in France,

·         Help French OLPC user,

·         Exchange with other OLPC communities in Europe (like you !).
More, my dream is to launch a G1G1 in France at the end of this year (why not ?).

Because, "OLPC Switzerland" seems to be a really active community, It could be really interesting to have your advices to help us to create our organization.
Of course I'm wondering lot of questions like:

·         When you create "OLPC Switzerland" ?

·         What is your legal status ?

·         How many people do you have in your association ?

·         What is your budget ?

·         What sort of events do you organize ?

·         What is your logistic ?

·         How many XOs have you ?

·         Do you have help from OLPC Foundation in US ?

·         Do you know a way (except via ebay) to buy some XO laptops ?

·         ...

I really appreciate your help and your advices.

Note also that some of us has already participated at a first meeting of "OLPC Europe" at FOSDEM and that we've got contact with OLPC Austria (Aaron Kaplan) and OLPC Deutschland (Falko and Kirsten).

Best regards from France.

                Lionel Laské from the future "OLPC France" association.

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