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Sridhar Dhanapalan sridhar at laptop.org.au
Tue Jan 22 00:22:13 EST 2013

The latest Australian OS build is out for the XO-4, XO-1.75 and XO-1.5.
Download and test from here <>.

We'd especially appreciate your feedback on XO-4 Touch devices.

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Date: 22 January 2013 11:28
Subject: [Dextrose] New dextrose build!
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A new dextrose 4 build has been released, in our international , australian
and uruguay flavours.

Changes are as follow:

*International Edition ( Build 10)*

   - A11y fully supported on all builds
   - Fix a bug in the .xsession handling, because we were ignoring previous

*UY  ( Build 3 )*

   - Added libreoffice package (Fixes #2867)
   - Added pnmixer package, but still no sound tray icon on gnome
   - Fixed gconf keys not being applied (Fixes #2898)
   - Added specific url for activities (Fixes #2873)
   - Add a11y support to all builds (Fixes #2807)
   - Fix a11y keyboard support (Fixes #2837)
   - Updated ceibal-actualizador version to 3.0-10 (Fixes #2891)
   - Refactorize package listings, so intead of having one different file
   for xo1.5-1.75-4 we have one on "gnome" section that fits all.

*AU Build 3*

   - Added maliit packages (Fixes #2896)
   - Added specific url for activities (Fixes #2873)

This changelog is based on http://sugardextrose.org/versions/122

Builds can be found on

Santiago Collazo

Activity Central: http://activitycentral.com

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Google+: https://activitycentral.com/googleplus
Twitter: https://activitycentral.com/twitter

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