[OLPC-AU] Engineering meeting minutes, September 26

Ruben Rodríguez ruben at activitycentral.com
Fri Sep 28 15:18:28 EDT 2012

1 OE OS 1.2 image for 1.75
* Clean up rpm repositories, get rid of daily numbering, go back to
using version numbers (done)
* Include git log into spec changelog (done)
* Remove call to pulseaudio in rpms, check #1369
* Gstreamer_ugly needs to be removed from oob lists (done)
* Tuxpaint and gcompris need work
* Age collection system: input screen is implemented, connection to
statistics is not, work on it for 1.2 (done)
* Activities list for the updater:
* Include flash in 1.75 (2384)
* Test whether Browse works with manual authenticated proxy #2292

2 Tracker:
* Check if the tagging system is reliable, and if tags are sent in
email notifications. Use this to track user experience related issues.
* Give AU team access to the QA project so they can read
https://sugardextrose.org/projects/qa/wiki/AU_QA_Process, make sure
that doesn't give access to activitycentral_management
* Being assigned to an issue should make you a watcher so you are kept
in the loop after you are no longer assigned to it.

3 DX4
* Create a task "migrate to dx4" in the dextrose project, track every
feature as an issue
* first step for dextrose, is a plan to move into git, design a
workflow and a branch system
  - Document it as the first step for dx4. track this now. higher
priority project after 1.2
  - Get Jerry's approval on design. october 15 as deadline for the
design to be put into production

3 Misc
* IMPORTANT  List all differences between OE OS 1.2 builds #2362
 - list: features added, new activities, updated activities, major bugs fixed
 - list differences between 1.2 in both intel and arm.
* Assign all noteboard activity issues to Rafael and change version to
1.5 (done)

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