[OLPC Networking] Testing the Wireless driver changes

Ronak Chokshi rchokshi at marvell.com
Sun Jan 20 17:18:27 EST 2008

After downloading the firmware, the ARM is told by the boot2 to jump to
a specific location of the internal memory. If the firmware is not
downloaded, the boot2 starts the grab the firmware from the Flash and
jumps to the same location of the internal memory once that is done. The
flash tool does not figure out anything here. The boot2 code is smart
enough to figure that out.


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> Does the Boot2 code take care of figuring out the correct address to
> write the thick firmware to, or does the flash tool have to figure out
> the address to write it to?  Normally this address is embedded in the
> firmware flash file header, is there an address the tool should check
> for to verify, or is that address completely irrelevant because the
> boot2 code is smart enough to figure out where to put it?

You have to ask Ronak that. Right now the flash writing logic lives in
the firmware. 


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