[Nepal] to be deployed Epaati version is out!

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Thu Apr 24 04:53:44 EDT 2008


I think you used the display scaling a lot...  The biggest problem
with it is that it defaults to 32-bit depth Display and all artwork
loaded into or created became 32-bit depth.  You could look at the
SketchMorphs in it and convert them to 16-bit (or even 8-bit with some
loss of quality) to save the space at runtime and on disk.

  (It looks like halo is disabled in the projects.  How can I get it
back for debugging?)

> One of our most pressing problems has to do with continual image
> growth, when opening multiple projects. After opening and closing
> around 20 projects on an XO, the amount of memory the vm uses
> (according to the vm stats), has climbed from 60 to 95 mb, and soon
> afterwards we get an out of memory error.
> First I thought that old projects were lingering around, but they do
> seem to be garbage-collected eventually. There is no reference or
> pointer to them to be found in any case. I haven't had the time to do
> any space profiling to see who or what could then be the cause of the
> trouble.

  I'm playing with Epaati-10 a bit.  Entering
Grade2/Math/Unit4/IIM4_2_money identification.011.pr and coming back
(the instance of Project did get collected, but the accompanying
PasteUpMorph serving as its world along with all objects and players
are lingering.  Now, I'm (again) looking at the issue so hopefully I
get to something...

-- Yoshiki

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