[Nepal] [squeak-dev] to be deployed Epaati version is out!

karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Tue Apr 22 12:45:53 EDT 2008

Congratulations !

I have not looked at the latest stuff yet, but it looked impressive a 
few weeks back :-)


Ties Stuij wrote:
> Well, it took us at OLE Nepal a whole lot of sweat and especially
> tears, but finally, after half a year of hard work, we finished the
> first build that is actually going to be used by actual Nepali kids,
> in an actual classroom setting.
> This build, version 10, sports a whopping 47 activities, which is why
> it's 105 mb in size. The loading time of individual activities has
> also diminished  by quite a bit (sometimes loading is 3 to 4 times as
> fast), and memory consumption has been greatly reduced.
> And this is just the beginning, because there are a great many much of
> activities to be made in the future.
> get it here: http://dev.laptop.org/pub/epaati/Epaati-10.xo
> For you who never heard about Epaati: it's an activity suite (for now)
> geared towards grades 2 and 6 (roughly 8 respectively 12 year old
> kids) of the Nepali school system coinciding, not coincidentally,
> with the classes which are the focus of our pilot projects. The
> subjects covered are Maths and English, and we follow the official
> Nepali curriculum so our activities can be integrated seamlessly in
> regular sessions.
> Which is not to say of course they can not be used by others.
> Especially the English activities can be used practically as is by
> children with another mother tongue, save for the help text. Also
> converting the maths activities should be not a big deal, since not a
> lot of Nepali specific text is used, but there are some brambles to be
> fished out of the porridge, before we have a smooth mechanism for
> translation.
> Anyways, have fun with the new and old activities,
> /Ties

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