[Nepal] Feedback from Nepal -- was Update on XOs in Uruguay

Bryan Berry bryan.berry at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 01:31:41 EDT 2008

Tomeu Vizoso wrote:
>Clicking on a link in a web page is not good enough? What else is

That's fine for adding activities but doesn't allow you to remove an
activity or update to a new version

>Just curious, what do you mean by competitive? And you mean
>educational games for learning English?

I mean that the games have a timer and a score. Even better would be
games where kids could measure their progress in an activity versus
other kids in the mesh. 

Educational games for English - ones that teach English grammar,
vocabulary, and reading comprehension. We have many in the E-Paati

>>  2. we need to make it easier to archive and share pictures. We had
>>  trouble sharing pictures during the teacher training.

>Can you detail your troubles? Do you have any suggestion about how to
>improve on this?

Pictures take up the most space and I am not sure if there is a facility
to archive them to the XS and access them later

I didn't take detailed notes on this during the teacher training. I will
try to get you more detail over the next couple weeks. I need to go
update the firmware on 100 XO's right now.

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