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Bryan Berry bryan at olenepal.org
Thu Apr 3 22:49:08 EDT 2008

Hey Aaron!

I would love to discuss this w/ you more but I am totally swamped over
the next several weeks on QA for the XO's and bundled activities. Ah,
doing QA I am now one with the IT proletariat.

Your idea sounds great and Dev Mohanty is the guy to pursue it. He is in
charge of all things networking for us. I will leave it to him to
contact you.

We very much want to interconnect the two schools so they can support
each other. One of the teachers at Bishwamitra, Manoj Ghimire, has quite
strong technical skills. We want to set up an Asterisk server so they
can easily call each other. Dev is the lead on this.

On Thu, 2008-04-03 at 15:13 +0200, Aaron Kaplan wrote:
> Hi Bryan !
> (brief preview: we managed to port sugar to the classmate - a story  
> will appear soon on olpcnews the next few days - stay tuned ;-) )
> I would like to help you/ support you with running an inter-school  
> mesh (layer 3, olsr) between the different sites.
> This way you can reach high redundancy in the network.
> We were talking about that in Boston but somehow everybody is  
> constantly busy with things.
> I would envision that there are basically two meshes: one local OLPC  
> layer 2 802.11s mesh and a layer 3 inter school mesh.
> This way you won't get into scalability problems. The 802.11s mesh  
> won't scale up to many schools in one cloud. That would be to much  
> network traffic and nothing would work anymore. But by having two  
> networks you can break down the problem into reasonable chunks. We  
> would have to find a way how to relay traffic from one cloud to the  
> other in case that is necessary. Maybe via jabber servers or so.
> If you are interested in that - drop me a mail or let's have a brief  
> skype call.
> a.
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