[Mbc] [Peripherals] Introducing the OLPC Multi-Battery Charger.

Joel Stanley joel at jms.id.au
Sun Apr 19 07:47:32 EDT 2009

Hello Richard,

Below are the questions you had filled out by Tom Daily, who is
running the Timor project.

The timeframe he indicates is one of two dates we would be giving the
laptops to kids in Timor, the other would be January 2010.  In the
mean time, the engineering guys who are involved with the project
would be very interested in doing some testing of the MBC.

Also to note is the power source; Tom says we will have AC, but it is
intermittent, and some of the engineers are looking into a wind based
setup.  I felt this was worth mentioning.



On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 05:50, Richard A. Smith <richard at laptop.org> wrote:
> How many XO's do you have in your current deployment/pilot?

We are planning a pilot of 45-55 over 2 schools in East Timor

> Where is your deployment/pilot?

Titi lari East Timor and Hera East Timor.

> What power source would you be using? AC or DC?


> What power source (AC or DC) do you see as most useful for your
> deployment/pilot?

Initially we have power from 6AM until midnight available so we can
charge the battery laptop and charge a spare as well to increase the
daytime availability of the laptop.

> Would you purchase extra batteries for use with the MBC?

Yes this would be the plan

> What time frame you would roll out MBC units.

We could use one in Sept/Oct if we can source the 55 laptops by then.

> How many MBC units do you think your deployment would need in the short
> and long term?

Short term 1 for AC only.
Longer term we probably could use AC and DC chargers, but this is
dependent on the pilot success (which I anticipate being successful if
we can source enough laptops and this should eventually drive govt
interest and then the number larger but I can't yet quantify and it
would be unrealistic at this stage to try)

> And of course firmware bugs/problems/improvements or any other info you
> want to feedback to OLPC about the MBC.

We are keen to document our pilot and make it replicable.

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