[Localization] Transferring strings to Glucose 0.92

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 21:32:27 EDT 2011

Dear language admins,

This is a method for quickly transferring your completed Glucose project
strings to the newly versioned Glucose 0.92 project in your language.  The
vast majority of the strings are identical in these two versions, so if you
have a lot completed in Glucose, you'll want to transfer them to Glucose

1) Go to the Glucose project for your language.  It is a good idea to go
through the pofilter messages on the Review tab to make sure you correct any
easily fixed errors and to review suggestions before transferring strings to
Glucose 0.92.

2) Go to the Translate tab, select "ZIP of Directory" at the top of the page
to download the Glucose project PO files to your desktop as a zip.  Unzip
the file.

3) Go to the Glucose 0.92 project, select the Translate tab, scroll to the
bottom of the page, select the radio button for "Merge the file with the
current file and turn conflicts into suggestions".

4) Upload the downloaded sugar-base.po, sugar-toolkit.po, and sugar.po
files.  DO NOT upload the downloaded sugar-update-control.po file.  These
three uploads result in too many words (1587) in the Glucose 0.92 project,
so we will fix that next.

5) Go to the Files tab and select the "update the files from templates"
link.  This will correct the PO files, leaving only the 1570 words that
Glucose 0.92 is supposed to have.  There will be a small handful of strings
still not translated in the 0.92 project.

6) Please note that the strings in the Glucose project will continue to
change as Sugar is developed over time, whereas the Glucose 0.92 strings
represent a frozen version of the Sugar 0.92 strings.

This process has been done for some of the more complete Glucose projects,
but not for all.  Hopefully you will find this useful.

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