[Localization] Cannot see who suggestion is from

Alexander Dupuy alex.dupuy at mac.com
Tue Feb 9 13:10:53 EST 2010

The Pootle 2.0.2 system used to translate Pootle itself shows the 
sources of suggestions; however, it seems that this is only displayed if 
you have permission to "review suggestions" (i.e. accept/reject them).

If you are actually reviewing suggestions, you ought to have that 
permission - contact your language admin(s) or Chris Leonard if you feel 
that you should have it.  I personally don't really understand why this 
is a separate permission - anyone who has submit access should also have 
review access and vice versa.

I have also filed a bug on the Pootle Bugzilla about this issue: 


mailto:alex.dupuy at mac.com

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