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See answers interlaced below:

On Sun, Feb 7, 2010 at 5:29 AM, Urso Wieske <uwieske at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Chris,
> I am starting translation as of tomorrow for the language PAP.
> I want my translations to go with the next Sugar release due March 1st.
> There's a lot to be done so I am setting up a strategy and a priority
> projectlist.
> I need to translate the Sugar content and also the project below. I don't
> know if some of them belong to the core Sugar resources.
> Can you tell me which ones are part of the standard Sugar distribution and
> which ones are addons?
> Plus, do you know how long ittakes on average to translate Sugar content.
> (the standard basic set of projects on the Sugar Pootle server)
> This information is for me relevant so that I can determine
> how many translators I have to allocate in order to meet the deadline of
> March 1st.
> Can you also tell what I have to do to add one of the projects below which
> are not part of the standard Sugar Pootle (initial) translationset.

I strongly recommend starting with the Terminology project:


This will populate the Pootle suggestions that appear in the right-hand side
bar (sometimes) and it will assist with maintaining consistent translations
of certain terms that appear multiple times across Sugar.

> Journal
> Browse = web-activity.po
Word processor = write-activity.po


These are found in the Glucose and Fructose projects, together Glucose and
Fructose are the true core of Sugar.  (former biochemistry students may
remember that the sugar Sucrose is a disaccharide made up of one unit of
glucose and one unit of fructose).

> Measure = measure_activity.po
> Memory programma = memorize.po
> Record = record-activity.po
> Colors = colors.po

These are in the Honey project.  Honewy is a collection of additional
Activities.  Only a handful of Activities are in the Fructose project, most
are in Honey.



This is a project in itself (I just made it available for lang-pap):


It is massive, I'm not sure it will be easy to complete by March 1, but that
may not be necessary.  String freeze is only on Glucose and Fructose (the
Sugar core release), Honey and etoys do not follow that schedule.

> Scratch

Scratch used to be hosted by Sugar Labs / OLPC, and they are still are
vibrant part of our community, but they have decided to host their own
localization infrastructure.  Learn more about it here:


I hope that helps a bit.  I wish you luck with your translation sprint,
you've set yourself quite a task on a tight timeline.  Maybe other language
project leads on this list can offer some helpful advice (or timeline /
manpower estimates).

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