[Localization] Sugar errors when language set to Khmer

Philipp Kocher philipp.kocher at gmx.net
Tue Jun 30 04:53:37 EDT 2009


After switching the language in sugar to Khmer I get an errors when I 
try to erase an activity from the home view (see error in HomeBox.py 
below) and when I try to install an activity or library with 
"sugar-control-panel -s install_update all" (see error in updater.py below).

Sugar is not completely translated to Khmer, but that shouldn't cause 
the errors.

Any hints how to fix the two problems?

/usr/share/sugar/shell/view/home/HomeBox.py in 
__erase_activated_cb(self=<HomeBox object at 0x89ad464 (SugarHomeBox at 
0x8a8d900)>, view=<FavoritesView object at 0x89ad4b4 (SugarFavoritesView 
at 0x89edb90)>, bundle_id='vu.lux.olpc.Speak')
      80         alert.props.msg = \
      81                 _('Confirm erase: Do you want to permanently 
erase %s?') \
---> 82                 % activity_info.name
         activity_info.name = dbus.String(u'Speak', variant_level=1)
      84         cancel_icon = Icon(icon_name='dialog-cancel')

TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting

Failure updating NatureImages None 
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/usr/share/sugar/shell/controlpanel/model/updater.py", line 
442, in refresh
   File "/usr/share/sugar/shell/controlpanel/model/updater.py", line 
425, in refresh_new
     {'version':version, 'size':_humanize_size(row[UPDATE_SIZE])}
   File "/usr/share/sugar/shell/controlpanel/model/updater.py", line 70, 
in _humanize_size
     return locale.format(_("%.1f MB"), bytes / 1024 / 1024)
   File "/usr/lib/python2.5/locale.py", line 145, in format
     formatted = percent % value
ValueError: unsupported format character '�' (0xffffffe1) at index 2


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