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i'm struggling right now with how to display some text on the screen
with some graphics. the easiest way would be to just include it in the
svg graphics. [1]

however, then i started thinking of internationization (i18n). if the
text is in the graphics, it would not be translatable.

the questions here is: should i be concerned about i18n? i know this is
a open source project and you never know where it might end up. i guess
i'm looking for some input and other people's thoughts.

-are people planning for i18n?
-do we expect that the activities will end up outside of the us? or even
in the us and used for teaching non-native english speakers?

i guess i'm looking for a get-out-of-jail-free card and wondering if
anyone has one.

[1] = we're planning on several screens with a graphic and some text to
go with it. there will be some "back" and "forward" buttons for
navigation. i'm trying to find a clean and elegant way of holding the
information for the screen information; something like a C-struct i
think but i'm not sure yet.

thanks for the input,

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