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On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 2:37 PM, Walter Bender <walter.bender at gmail.com> wrote:
> I suggest you approach Chuck Kane at OLPC directly. If for some reason
> he cannot accommodate the request, then we should discuss alternative
> means to deploy Sugar.
> -walter
> On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 5:32 PM, Yamandu Ploskonka <yamaplos at bolinux.org> wrote:
>> (from Werner Westermann, werner at educalibre.cl )
>> Best regards from Santiago, Chile.
>> In May of this year, we had exciting news where the ICT-Schools program of the
>> Department of Education, Enlaces (http://www.enlaces.cl), asked Educalibre
>> (http://www.educalibre.cl/) to propose a OLPC deployment project. Enlaces previously met
>> with a OLPC and Brightstar representatives asuring a total of 1000 XOs. We went on to
>> develop the proposal and negociate where to deploy the iniciative (Enlaces required us
>> to engage rural areas, outside of the Metropolitan Area, among others):
>> http://wiki.educalibre.cl/index.php/Propuesta_OLPC_Chile
>> Unfortunately, as you can see, the proposal was frustrated, because as Brightstar
>> distributor and partner of the OLPC Foundation, argued that it would not be possible for
>> the Chilean State to purchase only 1,000 XOs, but would consider a minimum of 10,000 XO.
>> Faced with this sudden change of turn and the impossibility of buying that quantity
>> off-budget, Enlaces decided to discard the possibility that the XO came into the hands
>> of our children.

This is perfectly idiotic. The Give Many page



The Give Many program allows donors to bring one laptop per child to
whole classes and schools, and includes Give 100 and Give 1,000
programs. It offers hundreds of students a new way of learning that is
creative, collaborative and self-empowered.

    *  - $219 per laptop to OLPC partner countries and LDCs
    * - $259 per laptop to the rest of the world

Every donation of 100 or more laptops includes spare parts. Donations
of 1,000 laptops or more are eligible for in-person assistance from
OLPC staff.

To become a Give Many donor, write to givemany at laptop.org with your
project timeline, and with details about the receiving school or

Doesn't anybody at OLPC pay attention to what they tell the public?

>> Seeing pilots open in Latin America (Paraguay, Colombia, Nicaragua) promoted by NGOs or
>> other non-profit institutions, we are once again dreaming of implementing an OLPC pilot
>> in Chile. Educalibre has been formalized as an NGO Corporation and also has the support
>> of other NGOs that relate to free culture (http://www.derechosdigitales.org/) and
>> pedagogical universities (http://www.ucsh.cl/). We have certainty of being able to
>> gather the financial and human resources to successfully depploy OLPC in Chile.
>> How and through what channel we can raise a formal proposal to deploy OLPC in Chile?
>> To whom can we turn for this possibility?
>> With harmless envy, we watch (and also colaborate) how OLPC can be a real strategy to
>> transform education, teaching, and especially, children's learning. From here we want to
>> join and contribute in that process. I look forward to your contact.
>> Best regards,
>> Werner Westermann Juárez
>> ONG Corporación Educalibre
>> http://www.educalibre.cl
>> (+562) 632 3660
>> (+5609) 7 805 7501
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