[Localization] Localization (translation) questions?

Albert Cahalan acahalan at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 13:11:16 EST 2008

Kent Loobey writes:

> I am creating an activity for pre-literate children.
> Two questions come to mind.
> 1. I will have sound entries that will need to be translated.
> How do the translators want this to be laid out for them.
> 2. Since some images may not be meaningful/appropriate universally,
> How do locallators want this to be laid out for them.

Me too, for Tux Paint. (now you know why Tux Paint is so big)
Tux Paint identifies 74 languages by code:

af ar be bg bo br ca cs cy da de el en en_gb en_za eo es es_mx
et eu fi fo fr ga gd gl gos gu he hi hr hu tlh id is it ja ka
ko ku lt lv ms nb nl nn nr oj pl pt_br pt_pt ro ru rw sk sl sq
sr sv sw ta te th tl tr twi uk ve vi wa wo xh zh_cn zh_tw

When loading a sound, it looks for a file name like this:
"%s_%s.ogg", basename, lang

For some things, simply pass a filename to gettext. This is
a good method for mostly-universal symbols that need a few

I seem to have 904 translated stamp sounds, as follows:

     10 *_el.ogg
     10 *_es.ogg
     10 *_ja.ogg
     10 *_ko.ogg
     10 *_nn.ogg
     10 *_tw.ogg
     72 *_nl.ogg
    177 *_fr.ogg
    595 *_ca.ogg

That means 65 languages without translated sounds, and only 3 with
translations beyond the digits. (Help!)

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