[Localization] TUE Total User Experience

Yama Ploskonka yama at netoso.com
Sat Apr 5 16:12:27 EDT 2008

As per several suggestions, I am crossposting to existing lists so as to 
draw traffic for this thread to be followed in the Educators list.

The concept is to discuss the OLPC Total User Experience from a 
Paddington Bear point of view, and find problems, and hopefully fix them.

Paddingtom came from Darkest Peru, and was an intelligent, kind bear, 
sometimes uninformed on what it meant to live in England.

Through the OLPC we are meeting more and more people who until now had 
no access to computers.  We will, hopefully, meet many more as the OLPC 
gains acceptance and is successful in that very goal.

They had no access to the Internet.  No idea about wikis, mailing lists, 
forums, netiquette, etc, and quite often, part of cultures where making 
mistakes is aggressively punished, so they might not feel like trying to 
communicate out of fear of prejudice and loosing face.

Now, Sugar is very forgiving, and in our lists we are kind and 
considerate to newcomers.

However, from a Paddington perspective it is very hard to get into a 
list, even harder to believe that to contribute is OK.  The laptop.org 
needs to be easier to use for such people, so as to encourage their 
participation.  People in the Server list know that the learning curve 
in XS is also hard, and Localization is facing the challenges of 
incorporating non-English speakers to translate.

I believe that a TUE approach could help.  Please advise.


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