[Localization] Tickets & POs

Xavier Alvarez xavi.alvarez at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 18:19:24 EDT 2007


I'm trying to clarify for myself (and then post in the wiki) some 
things about the flow...

== Tickets & POs ==

According to the current instructions in the wiki, once we a PO 
translation is done it should be 'posted' as a ticket in 
dev.laptop.org. Fine.

In the case where two or more POs are done: should each one have 
their ticket? Or use only one ticket and attach both files?

If the answer is "one ticket per PO", what about multiple POs from 
the *same* activity/component? (ie: etoys has some 60 POTs)

== Ticket parameters ==

Again, according to the wiki, PO tickets go into the 
'localization' component. Wouldn't it make more sense to attach 
them to the component itself? (ie: uploading "Chat.master.es.po" 
would be set to the 'Chat activity' component?)

If not, how do we ensure that po-loaded-tickets actually make it 
back to the activity/component? Do developers track them and sift 
through whatever formats (ie: po.zip) to pick their POs?

Any ideas on how to make l10n clear for all parties involved would 
definitely help coordinating the efforts.


PS: Regarding the instructions in the wiki regarding the 
parameters in the ticket, I expanded the instruction aiming for 
some homogeneous across translators, but the initial 
'localization' component was there since the beginning.

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