[LB-XO-LiveCD] New XO-LiveCD Update available

wolfgang mail at rohrmoser-engineering.de
Sun Dec 6 03:06:35 EST 2009

Hi folks,

because build 8.2.1 is still named as the latest stable software
which is delivered on XO Laptop hardware, we continue to support the

Version 091203  is now available for download from:


and you can read the documentation in:


The XO_LiveCD project provides a sugar desktop for a wide range of
Intel based PC hardware including netbooks. 

It is NOT a new Linux distribution like SoaS 
If you are looking for the latest sugar development you
propably better go there..

This project uses existing OLPC builds which are maintained to run on
XO-Hardware. To make these (unmodified) builds usable on generic PC
hardware we embed them into a runtime-environment which consists of a
recent generic Linux kernel, hardware detection scripts, Xorg configurations
and additional startup scripts. The XO-LiveCD is designed to provide
an easy configurable Live-System regarding activity selections,
language support and installation of additional RPM packages.

There are various ways to run the XO live image:

  - boot it from CD
  - create and boot a USB pen
  - install it on hard disc as an alternate operating system

Release Highlight:

  - better hardware support by upgrading to linux kernel 2.6.31
  - many activities updates

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