[linux-mm-cc] Queries about Compcache allocator

Leonidas . leonidas137 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 02:51:57 EDT 2009

Hello All,

I am new here, stumbled across Compcache while using VMware player, got
fascinated by the idea, currently going through the documentation part.
Have following questions:

1. xvMalloc is a pool based allocator. Can xvMalloc be used as a
general purpose allocator replacing kmalloc
in case a kernel driver does many smaller but mostly similar sized
allocations? I have gone through the doc
which compares xvMalloc with SLOB and SLUB, I think it fits the bill in case.

2. Does xvMalloc take care of adjusting memory allocations from
appropriate zones depending on the memory
 pressure? E.g. allocate from zone high mem only if zone normal is
depleted etc?

3. Out of curiosity, I was trying to compare Jemalloc Linux port and
xvMalloc user port. Jemalloc claims very good
 performance in most cases and guarantees very less fragmentation in
heavily multithreaded/multicore environment.
 Has it been considered? Any idea why it can/can not be used for
compcache purpose.


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