[linux-mm-cc] Testing ccache swap on N810

Anderson Briglia anderson at briglia.net
Sun Jan 6 14:11:23 EST 2008

Hi Nitin and folks,

I backported the actual code from [1] to 2.6.21 kernel version, used on
Nokia N810 device. This is an embedded Linux device using an ARM-OMAP
processor. Well, after some compilation problems due to bio interface
changes, I got ccache modules compiled.

The problem now is happening when I try to "swapon" /dev/ccache.
sys_swapon() never finishes and seems that we have a deadlock there. I'm
investigating what's going on with sys_swapon() but I really appreciate if
you point something that could cause this.

Good work Nitin, I intend to contribute to your project. :)

[1] http://code.google.com/p/ccache/source

Best regards,

Anderson Briglia
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