[OLPC library] gettext equivalent for SVG files?

Bruno Coudoin bruno.coudoin at free.fr
Fri Apr 6 19:17:34 EDT 2012

Le jeudi 05 avril 2012 à 19:43 -0400, Chris Leonard a écrit :
> Thanks Bruno,
> I think itstool and XLIFF format may be the keys, XLIFF is easily
> converted back and forth to POT by Translate Toolkit.  I'll look into
> it more.  It seems we'll not be getting SVG screenshots this time, but
> it will be good to figure out for other content projects or
> activities.
> http://www.w3.org/TR/SVGTiny12/i18n.html 

Ouch, I was not aware of these technologies. I need to get out of
GCompris and look around. The technology is definitely improving and
brings interesting opportunities.


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