[OLPC library] end-user doc update, 12/14/07

Anne Gentle annegentle at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 23:41:14 EST 2007

Hi again everyone,
Just wanted to give another update on the happenings in the end-user doc
front from my neck of the woods. (Idioms sprinkled throughout!)

I got an HTML copy to SJ and a second copy with an Index and some
customizations on the CSS. I tested it on an XO emulation and the Browse
Activity does really well with the Index and search so I'm pleased with the

I need to write a letter of appreciation to Author-it for giving us the
license and ability to do quick rearranging. It's going to come in handy.

Adam Hyde of FlossManuals.net and I met to talk about a migration path for
the kids end-user doc content at
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Simplified_user_guide. They've just finished a lot
of translation work so that we can also have multiple language versions of
the simple user guide on the FM site and translators could work in a
side-by-side view which is nice. The next steps are for me to re-arrange the
content in Author-it.
into an outline closer to the structure that FM uses (Introduction,
Installing, Interface, Using). Once I get the new structure to the content,
Adam and I and anyone else who wants to pitch in can do copy and paste of
the HTML into the FM pages. Adam's filling out the infrastructure on FM now

I'll send an email out to the list once we have the building blocks in place
so that anyone can help.

Seth - from Adam I learned that the formatting of the print versions out of
the Floss Manuals wiki uses Scribus - http://www.scribus.net/. We should
explore ways to leverage your layout work with the FM work.

Also, I have had a few people contact me this week to see how they can help
so I've sent them the information about the different groups for the
different user guides from the wiki.laptop.org/go/Manuals page. Welcome Paul
and Matt if you've joined this list!

I've also started an Educator's Guide at
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Educators_guide. I am way out of my league writing
about constructivism and intervention guides (lesson plans) but I figure I
have to start somewhere. I also want to link to as many additional reading
materials about constructivism and how to teach with that learning theory in
the forefront. Please, those of you with hands-on knowledge and experience
in teaching, review and send me feedback using the talk page or direct edit
it as you see fit. I'll also study the
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Educational_activity_ideas page as well.

I still have some minor edits I need to do to the Simplified user guide wiki
page, and I'm also working with people who have worked on the artwork.
Thanks Seth for helping me keep up with that, as well.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.
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