[Internships] Internship interests and questions

Eric Wesolowski eric.wesolowski at centre.edu
Wed Feb 3 22:42:46 EST 2010

I'm looking into summer internships right now.  I have been looking into humanitarian opportunities, especially ones in spanish-speaking countries and even opportunities to use my computer/technology skills.  I've looked through the One Laptop per Child website, but I am now interested in more of the technicalities.  Some kind of general overview would be great.  I'd like something that could answer: Where do interns live (homestay, apartment,...)?  What kind of jobs are available for college students, maybe ones that focus on spanish speaking and computer science (humanitarian work?)?  Maybe there is more general information about daily life with the internship?  Thank you so much for you time and informing me on this great internship opportunity!
-Eric Wesolowski (eric.wesolowski at centre.edu)

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