[OLPC India] saju varghese wants you to be a Green Idol.

Green Idol sajuzac at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 22:36:19 EDT 2009


I've just joined the Green Idol campaign and told Prime Minister Manmohan  
Singh that he has no time to lose.

If he's serious about fighting climate change – as he should be – then he  
MUST have a Renewable Energy Law in place by 2010. That's next year!

I know he's not going to do it just because I asked him to. But if he starts  
getting hundreds of thousands of other Indian citizens asking him too,  
he’ll have no option.

Do what I’ve done. Save the climate. Be a Green Idol! Tell Dr. Manmohan  
Singh now at


Thanks a million,
saju varghese

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