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One of my friends from Harvard Alumni Group had the following to say:


I'm familiar with this great initiative. The question I would have is this:
do you have studies on how the village changes when children get the XO? In
a poor village can the child be "only" a school learner, or does s/he have
other roles to play? How does the XO impact those roles? 
Coming off reviewing a major book on bio-tech, I'm impressed with the fact
that we don't see things enough as flow, as context, as ecology. The XO must
have major impact, but is it to pull the child out of the village, mentally,
and into the Mumbai-global economy world? Or does it lead to solving
community problems and enhancing everyone's potential? The child connecting
adults to resources, for instance. 
Questions, I see, not advice, and perhaps you have good answers already. Or
perhaps this holistic view helps somehow.



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