[OLPC India] Use of XOs for Vocational Training & Back Office Support

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Mon Sep 29 11:49:44 EDT 2008

Hi Marc & Ankur,
Thanks for your response; sorry, I got tied up with some pressing issues of  
our foundation.
We are thinking about dual boot XOs for RK College, because:
1. Besides using them in grades (6-12), we also want to use them for  
vocation training of those who pass high school and 12th grades. 
2. We are also thinking about initiating Gram IT activity with help  of 
Byrraju Foundation. For convenience, I'm attaching a document giving some  articles 
about GramIT.. 
We will like to know:
1. Can XOs be used for vocational training and production support of  GramIT? 
If this is true, we can start with 20-30 XOs at RK Girls College. We are  
thinking about ordering a few to understand their functionality and  
appropriateness for the above purposes. Any advice?
2. Since our school is Hindi medium in UP, we are curious if anyone  has
    a) Obtained or planning to obtain the latest  syllabus or worked on UP 
curriculum. If not, can OLPC India help in  this?
    b) Details of Board requirements for Computer as a  subject for High 
School & Inter classes
    c) Qualification & experience requirements for  Computer teachers for 
Computer as a subject etc.
    d) Has OLPC thought about any coordinated plan for  content development 
for North India in these areas?
Will greatly appreciate your help & suggestions,
-- Sheel
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mvalentin at abeditions.com writes:
Hi  Sheel,
For some reason, I didn't get your mail in the indian list. I just  saw
it by chance browsing the archives...
We are using XO with the sugar  interface and we are certainly not
going to switch to Windows+Office, that  is the biggest mistake to do.
We want to educate the children not to create  small "clerks". MSOffice
should not be used in primary education, it is a  complete non-sense.

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