[OLPC India] Ordering OLPC Laptops(XOs) for schools

Ajay Kumar ajay at classapart.org
Fri Oct 19 18:12:17 EDT 2007


This is really great news. Now one does not have to wait for the
government to get all ends tied.
And I personally can go tell all my friends that this is how they can
get the devices. I am very happy that I can contribute to the effort by
spreading the word around if nothing else.

A few questions that I anticipate from these friends remain unanswered

    * Cost
          o Does it change on even larger numbers?
          o Has the actual landed cost been figured out?
          o Does it include customs/taxes etc. ?
          o Does it include shipping to the designated place?
          o Does it include insurance right until it reaches the child?
    * Being the best possible solution:
          o Are there any authentic reports comparing the XO with
            intel's classmate pc?
          o Or other announced devices like Asus EEE (if they count,
            that  is).
    * Deployment:
          o School servers:
                + What software is going to be available?
                + What operating systems etc?
                + Any content?
                + Would we need to hire system administrators for the
          o Network:
                + Does RDAG provide any bandwidth cost estimates yet?
                + Would there be other providers partnering with the
                  laptop foundation?
          o Support:
                + Hardware:
                      # Warranty:
                            * What would the warranty time period be?
                            * Where to take a broken machine? As in,
                              would there be local hardware repair of
                              some form?
                            * What are the exclusions from the warranty?
                      # Insurance:
                            * Are some insurance plans/partnerships
                              being worked out to take care of the
                + Software:
                      # Would we need to hire sysadmins, or the reset
                        button is just fine?
                      # What if we want this package or that installed
                        on the 100/1000/10000 machines that we request?
          o Training:
                + I know children would learn on their own.
                + Any training need for the teachers? :)
                + Any likely providers?

This is just from the top of my head. And I hope that some of these
would find a way to the faqs section. And responses to the remaining as
a reply to this thread. :)

I promise to keep posting whatever I hear from my field visits.

Kind Regards,

Manusheel Gupta wrote:
> Dear all,
> We are glad to inform you about a mechanism to order OLPC laptops(
> XOs) for your schools.
> You can order 100+/1000+/10000+ laptops starting in November from the
> Give 1 Get 1 program; the price goes down inversely to the
> quantity. Please refer to 
> http://laptopfoundation.org/participate/givemany.shtml .
> You can order for the "English" keyboard laptops right away. For
> other keyboards, we will require a 6-8 week lead time.
> Regards,
> Manu
> Manusheel Gupta
> Technical Consultant/Advisor
> One Laptop Per Child Inc.
> http://laptop.org <http://laptop.org/>
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